Anastacio's legendary oyster BBQ sauce had its start over 35 years ago in Marshall, California. In 1972, during the annual shark and stingray fishing tournament on Tomales Bay, Anastacio and some friends set up a BBQ at Nick's Cove to grill up the catch. While the grill was sizzling with shark and stingray fillets, one of the fishermen brought in a bag of oysters. "What do you want me to do with these?" Anastacio asked. "Why don't you grill them?" joked one of the locals. After throwing the oysters on the grill, Anastacio searched through Nick's kitchen to see if he could drum up enough ingredients to create a cocktail sauce similar to the one his mother made in their home-state of Jalisco, Mexico. The impromptu recipe and the oysters were a hit with the fishermen; and tens of thousands of oysters later, Anastacio's sauce is still in demand.

to perfect Oysters:
Buying Oysters Great taste starts with buying the right oyster
Shucking Oysters The safe and easy way to open an oyster
Grilling Oysters Grab your oysters, fire up the grill, and open a beer


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